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Edexcel A level Business pre-release holiday industry logo

A Level Business – NEWS!

The Edexcel Pre-release has been published for the Business A Level.  Last year it was the chocolate industry this year it is the holiday industry.  Packs are available to pre-order now and will be £50 unless you have a promotional code.  Complete teaching packs will include PowerPoints stuffed full of starters, discussions, syllabus links, videos, debates, quizzes, plenaries glossaries and more. Plus you will get a worksheet on every topic and three (yes 3!) sample mock exams with answers.  All designed to boost grades, give students direction and you some smashing teaching materials. ORDER NOW

How it works:

When you purchase a resource pack from Revisionstation you will be sent a link so that you can download the resources and get started the same day.  No waiting, no fuss. You will also be sent a CD in the post, which will be sent first class UK / NI. International post is by arrangement so please e-mail me if you are outside the UK revisionstation@hotmail.co.uk

Purchase by invoice:

If your school or college would like to purchase the resources via invoice then please e-mail me a purchase order number to: revisionstation@hotmail.co.uk

Resources will be sent out the same day as the purchase order is received. Your school will then be sent an invoice and can pay via BACS or cheque.

The vision:

Revisionstation is committed to delivering affordable resources to help busy business teachers deliver an ever changing GCSE and A Level syllabus.  The resources are geared to engaging mixed ability learners and getting them the best results possible.

Business structure:

Revisionstation is a sole trader.  If you e-mail Sarah Hilton you will be contacted by Sarah Hilton, she will also post the discs. From time to time her daughter Kathryn and son Charles help out with the website checking links are not broken.

Order Your Resources Now from Our Online Shop

Here at Revisionstation we are constantly writing new materials to keep the students looking you way now and again.  We cannot promise that all your students will achieve A*, but we hope that our visually exciting materials may make the back row put away their phones and tablets for a while.  The resources have a superb mixture of chunked activities to engage and re-energise your mixed ability learners. In the modern classroom a text book is not always the easiest way to engage your students – especially if the topic is tricky.

Our PowerPoints will save you planning time, all the spec is there, the syllabus covered, great starters to buy you some time while you get set up.  Great if you are moving from room to room.  You can trust the content because the author Sarah Hilton has 18 years teaching experience and is still using these resources with her team. Two years ago they won an award for the best results in the country – so they must be doing something right!  Written by a teacher who has teenage children herself – so they have visually engaging up-to-date case studies which are relevant to the 16-19 teenagers today.

The PowerPoint packs come with a worksheet so students can follow the lesson with you, keep heads down and students busy busy busy with the packs. Well structured lessons on every topic on the syllabus. Think of the time and hassle it will save!