Frequently Asked Questions

We are an international school, can we still order?

Yes of course, order in the usual way or send us a purchase order.  You will be sent a download as soon as you order so you can get to the files immediately.

What do I get for my money?

You get a download so you can get to the files straight away.  If you are in the UK you will also get a CD with the resources on, so you can quickly upload them to a shared drive.

Can I get my school or college to order and you invoice them?

Yes, send us a purchase order and we will do the rest.  Your school or college will be invoiced and can pay via BACS.

How soon will I get the download?

As soon as you buy the resources will be sent automatically straight away, so look out for an e-mail.  If you send a purchase order they will be sent the same day, after the purchase has been processed.

Can I edit the resources to add in my own activities?

Yes, the resource packs come with PowerPoints and Word documents which can both be edited.

I am a student – can I still use these resources?

Yes, these resource packs can be used as an individual student.  Watch the PowerPoint presentations and complete the worksheets at the same time.  They will build into a superb bank of notes for you at exam time. Each PowerPoint and worksheet has lots of sample questions and the model marked answers so you can test your progress as you go through the course.

Can I speak to the author?

Of course, please get in touch – I am at a computer somewhere, so send me an e-mail and I can answer your questions.  I still teach as well, so there may be a slight delay, but bear with me I will get back to you.

Sarah Hilton, contact me on revisionstation@hotmail.co.uk