Edexcel Paper 3 pre-release pack – holiday industry

Edexcel Paper 3 pre-release pack – holiday industry


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Edexcel A level business paper 3 pre-release theme is out – and it is the holiday industry.

Each teaching pack will include:

  • 3 Mock exam papers with answers
  • 13 PowerPoints covering all four research areas; consumer trends, influences, budget airlines and the competitive environment
  • Worksheets that can be used together  with the PowerPoints helps to build up a bank of notes for the students to revise from
  • Flexible activities can be used for class teaching or the PowerPoints can be used by individuals if uploaded to a moodle or shared drive
  • Superb colourful and visual resources to save you time and focus your students in these final weeks
Click here to see worksheet A1
Click here to see worksheet A2
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Benefits of using the Revisionstation complete teaching resource pack:

  • PowerPoints have; starters, plenaries, quizzes, glossaries, syllabus content, theory links, video clips, discussions, debates and lots of industry examples
  • Packs designed to keep students on task and lessons flowing smoothly with lots of content
  • Link from syllabus to topics in every PowerPoint and worksheet
  • Gives students a bank of notes from which to revise
  • Mock exam papers help students to fully prepare for the toughest of the 3 papers on the qualification
  • Gives your students the grades boost they need
  • Gives direction to students who may not otherwise thrive on a more open ended task

Why should I buy this pack?

  • Written by a HOD and teacher who will be teaching this with their own groups
  • Many years of experience at writing revision materials
  • E-mail support from the author if you get stuck
  • Written by a business examiner with 17 years of experience

Any questions?

Please e-mail author Sarah Hilton on revisionstation@hotmail.co.uk