I’m going to introduce a concept of revision all year round. RAYR for short.

I was in Paperchase this week admiring all the lovely stationary and looking for props for my “wow” box of starters when I noticed that they were still selling lots of revision note books at full price. This was indicator number one.

The second indicator that has lead me to the RAYR conclusion is a conversation with a science colleague who is teaching at a tutoring centre giving catch up lessons all summer long.  Some students, she tells me, are booked in all summer long.  Learning does not stop.  Her tutoring classes are full. As soon as we get back in September we should be practicing the 3Rs: revising, revisiting and recapping.  I am not sure what format that should take – it will depend on the centre and how much time and slack you have in your scheme of work. I shall be adding it to my department development plan and working out ways that I can put it in without a) running out of time b) boring the kids to tears.  Watch this space.