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Video clips to help teach business

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Who doesn’t love a video clip?
Ideal to engage those visual learners, important for students to see business in action and can give you a breather so you can locate your worksheets.

Bee Business Bee

Have a look at he  beebusinessbeechannel on You tube with loads of fantastic videos plus live exam help videos for exam time, written by a current business teacher the very talented Mark Clewys.

BBC Bitesize

Lovely menu of video clips, click on each one for yet more clips, BBC bitesize

Link to BBC Business Videos

BBC Class Clips

Good place to start, BBC class clips with keyword search.  Really amazing collection of short class clips  – they keep messing about with this link but I will keep this as up to date as I can.  Most useful link out of the lot.

Link to Free Resources - BBC Bitesize - GCSE Business

Evan Davis – Dragons Den

9 videos on enterprise, production etc from the lovely Evan Davis of Dragons Den.  Good one here on IP ideal as a starter activity to the topic AS Business.

BBC Dragons Den resources for Schools

Simn Jackson – Youtube Channel

Learn Loads You tube channel lots of instructional videos for free by the Author Simon Jackson.

Visit the Simon Jackson Youtube Channel.

Lots of resources for AQA Business and other courses.

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