Business quiz time

This week I set a challenge to my lower sixth business groups against my upper sixth business groups. In an endeavor to get my groups to read the weekly BBC business news and to keep up with current affairs. The first week the lower sixth – year 12s were happy to be pitched against each other and scores were perhaps a little lower than I would like.  Then I decided that the skill of reading the news was a skill equal in years 12 and 13.

So this week they went head to head with four rounds of questions and I am delighted to report that the element of competition has increased the scores. We have another quiz this week and will have one a week until the end of the year.

The quiz takes about 10 minutes a week to prepare and if you are going to have a go – you will need some amazing prizes.  After much discussion with teenagers and years of doing this – the best prizes seem to be cookies or a version on this theme.

Here are a few question types – I use the pub quiz format, with different rounds to make things interesting.

  • Fill the gap questions e.g. _____________________ online customers refused refunds
  • Look at the photo and discuss the story – great for the visual learner
  • Name the person in the news e.g. Michael O’Leary (Ryan Air) or Mike Ashley (Sports Direct / House of Fraser)
  • Decode the missing words (See picture)
  • Crossword using companies in the news this week –