So I was sitting in my office wondering what other teachers are up to over the summer break, with the advent of social media it is a lot easier these days to see rather than just imagine. Twitter and Facebook groups are full of teachers still sharing ideas.

Just because school is out does not mean that the river of lesson ideas dries up.  In fact, quite the opposite, now is the time when business and economics teachers are out and about shopping and interacting with businesses and brands on a daily basis.  Now is the time that we can sit down and read the business news or catch up with a program or two on the TV.   I have started to use the notes app on my phone to keep track of some ideas, others I just tweet straight away and then I can search for them when I need to teach that topic using advanced twitter search and the @Revisionstation twitter handle.

I went into school this week to complete some paperwork for a trip I am hoping to run later in the year to JLR in Solihull. The place was deserted but my pigeon hole was still full of marketing sent from resource companies.  I wonder if they know that these expensive mail outs will pile up until September? Quick plug for Revisionstation here – we just operate online you won’t find us chopping down trees and stuffing them in your pigeon hole. You know where we are – and we are here all over the summer if you have a question or suggestion.