These are from teachers at schools and colleges that are already using the resources. Quotes appear here by permission, so don’t worry if you say something nice in an email to us, we won’t include it here unless you say that’s OK!

Mr Patrick Fennell, Twickenham School (Jan 2019) said:

“Thanks for the GCSE drop box resources – as a non core Business teacher they are have been very useful and saved me lots of time”

Curriculum Leader for Business and Economics says:

“I have been teaching for 17 years and am a Lead Teacher at an outstanding school. This year I have started using the Edexcel A Level Theme 1 and 3 PowerPoints from Revision Station.

The quality of resources is fantastic, a lot of my students are visual learners so love the amount of images on the slides, it really brings Business to life for them! The PowerPoints have had such a positive impact on teaching and learning. I can honestly say that my students have never grasped some of the more challenging Theme 3 topics such as CPA, sales forecasting, decision trees and investment appraisal so easily….. EVER! I have some weaker students this year and they have still grasped the concepts with relative ease.

Theme 1 PowerPoints have also been great to teach from especially ‘The Market’ section including supply and demand, markets, PED and YED. The PowerPoints, again are all extremely effective resources and explained with real ease for the students.

I have also had a quick flick forward to look at the tricky, Theme 4 content and this also looks very simply explained for students to grasp easily. Throughout all of the PowerPoints the videos help with the depth of learning/knowledge. It is also a massive time saving resource which has exam questions linked to all topics, genius! I have to say that ALL of the lessons that I have taught to date flow fantastically well!

Thank you Sarah for making my work life balance so much better!”

 Ms D Ruddy a business teacher said:

“Just a short note to say a huge thank you for your AS Business resources that I bought from Revision Station in September 2015. I can honestly say that it was the best money I’ve ever spent and it has literally saved my life teaching the new curriculum this year. Every single time I opened the presentations, I was so appreciative that I happened to come across your site as they have saved me so much time. I have always felt confident with the quality of your resources and it is apparent that you have taken so much time producing them, finding appropriate clips, relevant articles, exam questions etc. So much so, that you have made teachers’ lives an awful lot easier.

My students love the presentations as well – especially the consistency of each topic and how it’s presented. So a huge clap on the back from my Department here in the school …. you really have kept us sane by having such quality resources”.

 Mrs T Robson from the Chancellors school Herts said:

“I just wanted to say I have received all 4 themes. I have been reading theme 1 and omg they are brilliant thank you so very much”

Glyn Manton Subject Leader for Economics and Business at City of Norwich School said:

“Got your disk today – I have been using drop box that you sent.

Just to say they are well planned resources. I used a similar style of resource for OCR which I designed myself. With a new specification it is great to have a similar resource that saves me the time of trawling relevant EDEXCEL examples that I am not familiar with. Also big time saving in me having to cut the relevant section of the spec into each lesson. Really good for backup notes for students

Well done and thank you”

Sarah Finnerty, St Andrew’s Catholic School Leatherhead said:

“I am using your theme 1 pack which I am finding brilliant.  I love the ideas, information and exam questions in all the power points. “

Jeff Rosenberg said:

“Nearly two years ago I purchased the 4 Themes you produced for Pearson A level Business, the new spec. I have to say I have found them really helpful with the student I tutored. They have just completed the course and received a grade A. So many thanks, the material was very helpful.”

Claire Mortlock – purchaser of the Edexcel A Level business pack  (October 2018) Said:

“Dear Sarah,  I’m so sorry to be thanking you for your brilliant service so late. Thank you!  The resources are great and look set to save me hours of time. Thanks again.”

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